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Meet the talented leaders propelling the APP Cooperative forward.


Our management board and executive team comprise experienced professionals from across the postal, logistics, and technology industries.


Together, they provide the diverse expertise and strategic guidance that is crucial to advancing our Cooperative’s vision. Their contributions help shape the future of the postal sector in the Asia Pacific region.


Get to know these dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to foster collaboration, spearhead new initiatives, and create value for all our members.


Their leadership, insights, and collective efforts are what drive our continued growth and success as a Cooperative.

About Us​

At the Asia Pacific Post Cooperative (APP Cooperative), we are proud to have a dedicated and experienced team working alongside a distinguished board of directors. Our team consists of passionate professionals from the postal, technology, and logistics sectors committed to driving our members’ growth and success.

The Cooperative Management Board: The Cooperative Management Board is pivotal in steering our organisation towards success. Composed of exceptional individuals elected by the Cooperative’s General Assembly, the Board consists of representatives from member postal operators who serve a two-year term. This distinguished group of industry experts brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and diverse perspectives to guide our strategic decisions and shape the future of the postal industry in the Asia Pacific region.

The Team: Under the leadership of our accomplished executive team, the APP Cooperative ensures effective operations, member support, and the implementation of our Cooperative vision. Our executive team brings together diverse backgrounds and expertise, combining years of experience in the postal industry with a deep understanding of market dynamics and emerging trends.

Commitment to Excellence: We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our work. Our team and board members strive to create a collaborative and inclusive environment, fostering trust, transparency, and professionalism. By upholding the highest standards of governance, ethics, and accountability, we ensure that the interests of our members remain at the forefront of our initiatives.

Building Partnerships: We understand the power of partnerships in driving progress and innovation. As a cooperative, we actively seek collaborations with like-minded organisations, stakeholders, and industry leaders to broaden our collective impact. By forging strong partnerships, we expand our network, leverage expertise, and access new opportunities that benefit our members and the postal industry as a whole.

Our Values: Our values of integrity, collaboration, and continuous improvement are at the core of our operations. We strive to act with integrity, maintaining the highest ethical standards in all our interactions. Collaboration is critical to our success, we believe in harnessing our members’ and partners’ collective knowledge, experience, and capabilities.

Furthermore, we are committed to continuously improving our services, embracing innovation, and adapting to the evolving needs of the postal industry.

The Team

Gary Carroll

Managing Director

Hannah Goh

Head of Cooperative Operations and Office

Rebecca Savage

Head of Product

The Board

Mr Lee Hon Chew


Singapore Post

Mr Uchida Kazunori

Vice Chairperson and Finance

Japan Post

Mr Pang Yu

Member Relations

China Post

Mr Kenneth Wu

Connect Programme

Hong Kong Post

Mr Hariadi


Pos Indonesia

Mr Yoon Heon-Taek

International Business and Affairs

Korea Post

Mrs Adawiyah Jafar


Pos Malaysia

Member Directory

Welcome to the Member Directory page of the Asia Pacific Post Cooperative. Here, you can access a comprehensive directory of our member postal operators from the Asia Pacific region. This directory is a valuable resource to discover and connect with a diverse range of postal entities across our cooperative. Explore our members' profiles to gain insights into their services, coverage areas, and expertise.

The Member Directory is a comprehensive directory of our member facilitates networking, collaboration, and potential business opportunities among regional postal operators. Start exploring the directory to expand your network and unlock new possibilities within the postal industry in the Asia Pacific.

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Connect - Partner Directory

Our Partners Directory provides a valuable resource for our postal operator members to discover trusted suppliers and service providers. Whether they have undergone the rigorous APP Approved vetting process or have been included based on our knowledge of their offerings, these partners offer diverse solutions to meet our members' needs. By joining the Partners program, companies gain visibility and networking opportunities within our cooperative, directly contributing to our mission of making the postal sector more resilient, sustainable, coordinated, relevant, inclusive, agile, and responsive to new challenges and opportunities. This directory is a dedicated resource for our members to find suppliers and access a wide range of benefits to enhance their operational capabilities. If you want to become an APP Approved partner or be included in our Partners Directory, email

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