ITMATT & Postal Security

Advancing Postal Security in Asia Pacific through ITMATT

The Asia Pacific Post Cooperative (The Cooperative) plays an active role in promoting postal security in the Asia Pacific region. As part of this mission, The Cooperative has supported security initiatives and collaborated to develop critical strategies.

A pivotal part of these efforts is the International Track and Trace and Monitoring System – ITMATT. This system enables the secure transmission of customs data on packages within Asia Pacific.

Complete and accurate data is crucial for swift customs clearance processes in the region. However, missing or incorrect information can cause shipment delays. Through reporting tools and analytics, ITMATT helps identify and resolve data quality issues. This allows Asia Pacific postal operators to comply with regulations and enhance service.

By improving data accuracy in ITMATT messages, The Cooperative helps expedite regional customs procedures. This facilitates on-time delivery and provides postal customers with superior services.

Additionally, elevated data quality bolsters supply chain security in Asia Pacific. This builds customer confidence and preserves the integrity of mail exchange in the region.

Through training programs and fraud prevention initiatives, The Cooperative has collaborated with partners to safeguard postal employees, customers, assets and mails in Asia Pacific.

The Cooperative’s active focus on advancing ITMATT demonstrates its commitment to fostering a secure postal network in the Asia Pacific region.

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