In response to changing market conditions and consumer demands coupled with an increasing number of competititors, the Cooperative, at the request of its members, are currently researching new product offerings.


ePacket is accessible to all customers with its low-cost item and kilo-based pricing, making it one of the most cost-effective postal products on the market. It is also reliable and comes with tracking facilities, so you and your customers can keep tabs on your shipment every step of the way.

Quality is also a top priority for ePacket, with detailed reporting, quality monitoring, and payment for performance to ensure constant improvement in quality.

ePacket was developed by Cooperative members who wanted to provide eMerchants with additional tracked delivery options. It has been shaped by member Posts to ensure the greatest commercial success for all.

Postal Operators outside the Asia Pacific Region are invited to join and benefit from ePacket. For more information, contact the Cooperative team on

Cross Border (XBR)

In the rapidly evolving world of cross-border shipping, Postal Operators are facing challenges that threaten their market position and operational efficiency.


Compliance hurdles such as ICS2, IOSS, and complicated low-value tax schemes coupled with inaccurate data stemming from poor descriptions, absent HS Codes, and the handling of restricted items or unknown denied ship-to parties further complicate matters.These obstacles, combined with the decline in market share to more aggressive commercial carriers, call for a robust, adaptable solution.


APP’s Cross Border Solution (XBR), powered by Zonos, solves these problems for Posts both big and small. With tools to suit each Posts specific needs, Posts can check the compliance boxes needed with easy-to-integrate tools, adding a superior DDP solution to better support existing shippers and win back volumes lost to commercial competitors.


Return Solution

More details coming soon.

Integrated Delivery Network (IDN)

More details coming soon.