Sustainability Forum

The impacts of climate change and sustainability are at the forefront of global and national agendas; rising sea levels, temperatures, and climate emergencies are no longer isolated instances but are increasingly impacting global economies. Unfortunately, our region also has some countries most keenly affected by these problems. As a flag bearer industry, Post has an obligation to do what it can to address the issues and lead by example. As a result, the Cooperative is proud to launch its regional Sustainability Forum. The Forum will consist of Cooperative members and external experts working in cooperation to address the CSR & ESG issues faced by members, countries and their populations, individually and as a region. The Forum will address areas relevant to Post, aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These are to be confirmed by the Forum but are envisaged to include areas such as: Sustainable operations Resource efficiency Climate change Air quality Circular economy Sustainable procurement. We also hope to set targets regarding sustainable procurement and the circular economy, for example: By 2025, 90% of mail bags: To be returned, Reused for return volume, Made from sustainable/reusable materials, Or be manufactured unmarked to allow for onward use by the receiving post. Initial member interest has been strong, but it is only by including the greatest number of members and working in cooperation that we can hope to achieve ambitious goals. We hope to see you there!
11/24/2022 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Malay Peninsula Standard Time