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  • 28 Members Strong

Since 1994, The Asia Pacific Post Cooperative has worked to facilitate cooperation, improve quality of service and enhance the commercial capabilities of designated postal operators across the Asia Pacific region.

Our network consists of a diverse membership of twenty-eight of the largest postal operators globally, and thousands of postal professionals, serving over 60% of the world’s population.

APP draws on one of the sector’s most comprehensive resource and knowledge banks to deliver world-class products, business-critical research, reports, development, best practice sharing and learning. APP helps our members adapt and react to market forces and continue to serve their communities and customers of every type while working in cooperation to find solutions to the challenges the modern postal sector faces.

"I am proud to represent the APP as the Chair of the CMB. Asia Pacific Post is a Cooperative organisation of posts working together for the greater good of our industry and region. The Cooperative Management Board, which meets at least twice a year, comprises the managing director and seven members elected from within the membership. We set the cooperative's strategic direction, approve the annual business plan and budget, appoint the Managing Director and provide guidance and support to Cooperative to ensure its ongoing success." - Lee Hon Chew

Latest News


Universal Postal Union calls for donations to support postal services in Ukraine

Posted on 3/28/2022
The Universal Postal Union (UPU), the United Nations specialized agency for international postal cooperation, has appealed to its 192 member countries for their solidarity in raising emergency funds to provide assistance to the Ukrainian Post (Ukrpos


Austrian Post’s fleet used to measure the quality of mobile phone network coverage

Posted on 3/25/2022
Austrian Post and Ranlytics announced the successful deployment of Ranlytics’s unique patent-pending technology on mail transport vehicles to accurately measure the quality of mobile phone network coverage on main roads in and around Vienna.


Cainiao launches distribution center and trucking line haul route in South Korea

Posted on 3/23/2022
Cainiao Network, the logistics arm of Alibaba Group, has launched its first distribution center and trucking line haul route in South Korea.